As we approach the end of a remarkable decade and look towards the future, it’s increasingly evident how much surfing has changed as a result of advances in technology. Ask any surfer over the age of 30 how much things have changed since “back in the day”. Surf forecasting, wetsuit technology, surfboard technology, surf cams, photography, and cinematography – they all have evolved substantially over the years and continue to change the face of surfing with each new improvement.

In a new segment here at called Surfing and Technology we will take a look at various useful realms of technology that we feel you as a surfer should be aware of to make your surfing lifestyle a little bit better or a little bit easier. What better way to kick off the segment than with the review of an iPhone App. We will feature reviews of other apps in the future but today we look at the newly released NOAA Ocean Buoys App.

The NOAA Ocean Buoys App is essentially your portal into checking current conditions in the oceans around the world. While the app has access to over 120 buoys spread across North America (including Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii), Europe, and the Caribbean, there are several buoys in the Northeast region and specifically New Jersey that can provide you with current swell, wind, temperature, and other weather measurements. Most buoys transmit swell heights, swell periods, swell direction, wind speeds, wind direction, wind gusts, water temperature, air temperature, dew points, and barometric pressure. For South Jersey, there is a buoy located 26 miles off of Cape May, NJ (buoy number 44009) that can serve as a pretty good indicator of current conditions. For the rest of the east coast there are buoys scattered up and down the coastline that will serve almost any location.

In the app buoys are best found by either navigating by region or by using the map that has every buoy plotted nicely at their exact location. Search capabilities are also included to help you find a buoy nearby. This app is a great compliment when assessing current conditions and forecasting – a tool that we recommend for every surfer. And at only $0.99 this app is surely worth the price.

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