Danny Shredding at home.

For those of you who don’t know Danny, “Questo” Margagliano, you are missing out! Danny is one of those few friends who possess the “Perma-Stoke.” Long time Heritage team rider and NJ pro surfer, Danny has friends and brothers for life in our tight nit surf community and it’s a regret we have to write this post today..

Danny sustained a terrible injury on April 14th while on an outing with his family and friends at home in Pensacola, FL.

We apologize if our original story was mis-leading, we were just made aware that Danny was showing his kids how to belly-flop when the accident occurred. Evidently his ribs were sore from a prior injury and, last minute, he tweaked his body before impact to avoid re-injuring them. His friends and co-workers, with the South Walton Firefighter/Paramedic, were with him and reacted immediately. The dive broke his neck. Danny is paralyzed and currently in the ICU at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola where he remains on a ventilator. Although, we don’t yet know if his paralysis is permanent, this injury has been devastating to Danny, leaving his C5 vertebrate removed and C4-7 fused together. His family is trying hard to admit him to Shepards Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta, Georgia, where he can start the long road to healing and recovery, and at this point their prayers seem to be getting answered.

If you are around please come out for the fundraiser in Ocean City Sunday, May 6th.
For up to date info check out Danny’s wife April as she updates her Caring Bridge journal
Here is a Local News piece on Danny
For further donations here is Walton, FL fundrasing web page

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