Chris Eaves chimed in about his trip to Morocco. After this read you might just find yourself wanting to make the hop across the atlantic and see things for yourself..

Written by Chris Eaves

A successful surf trip requires only a few key ingredients, ample swell, favorable winds, positive company, and bargain prices. When all of these variables come together, an amazing surf trip will occur, and my trip with to Morocco this past March fulfilled these requirements.

The North Atlantic Ocean constantly pounds the coastline of Morocco and the abundance of swell allows for rideable waves everyday. Unlike New Jersey, Morocco holds an array of diverse setups in reef breaks, beach breaks, and slabs. Morocco’s surf scene is defined by the world-class right-hand point break; Anchor Point. Anchor Point is the Atlantic Ocean’s answer to Snapper Rocks and has been featured in prominent surf movies and magazines since the 1960s. During our trip, we scored waves that were at least chest high everyday for two weeks straight with many days of overhead plus surf! Being able to surf that much was truly a blessing and a welcome relief after a winter defined by long, cold nights working in Penn’s Landing.

I am able to say I had such an amazing trip only because of the extraordinary service I received at Surf Maroc. Everyday our wonderful hosts Craig and Mel had every detail covered in our daily itinerary while our surf guides Illyas, Charlotte, and Yousself used their local knowledge to put us into the best waves possible. Without their help and guidance, my unforgettable Morocco trip would have been average. I would also like to thank my travel partner, Mariah Berger, who patiently sat on the beach taking photos and video, went surfing, and was always a ray of sunshine.




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