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Teddy’s Forecast

# SURF ALERT!  A complex frontal system is slowly making its way across the Northeast.  Seas have already hit 8’@10 seconds from the SE so there’s a ton of energy.  Easter Sunday we will see solid 6-8’ surf from the SE but winds will be light from the south.  It definitely won’t be perfect, but there will be some chunky ones out there so give it a look….if not wait for Monday because it’s shaping up to be a fun day of surf.  The entire system will move off giving us offshore (WSW) winds all morning to groom the 4-5ft SE swell.  Get out there!  We could see the wind shift more SSW in the afternoon so definitely not as clean as the morning.  The good news is that this swell will hang around Tuesday (although a touch smaller) and winds will be light so another fun clean day of surf.  Then we get a little reinforcement Wednesday in the form of an east groundswell from a low well east of Bermuda!  Gonna be a fun next 4-5 days!

Gear Recco: Water is 51 degrees – 4/3 with 5mil boots and 3mil gloves (hood optional)

– TeddyD

April 20th, 2019 

Ocean City Wave Cams
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North - 3rd Overview

5th Street

7th Street

Sea Isle Wave Cams
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34th Street

38th Street


57th Street

Margate Wave Cam
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