Women’s Surf Club

Because sometimes it's fun to do a female only session with women instructors (For women 18 and older)

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We are excited to announce a second season of the Heritage Women’s Surf Club, along with a second session due to demand. Starting June 27, for 8 weeks, every Wednesday and Saturday we will meet at a pre-determined location to enjoy the waves and each others company. All levels welcome!

There will be two or three women instructors accompanying the group offering tips in surf and more. One of the instructors will be a yoga teacher (certified) giving another activity for those flat days. Since many of last year’s participants now have their own surfboards and wetsuits, we have changed the program to provide surfboards and wetsuits by request only (and for an additional charge – information listed below).

After our Wednesday night surf sessions, we will head over to a local restaurant/bar for a “women surfer’s night out.” We welcome those who have the time (and desire) to sign up for both sessions for a mix of morning and afternoon sessions – which will provide different wind and wave conditions.


Allison Ocanto

Teaching Surf Lessons for 20 years
Semi-pro Surfer
Lived in Nicaragua for 5 years
Owner of SOLID Surf  Camp

Amanda Strube

Teaching Surf Lessons for 10+ years
Certified Yoga Instructor
Lived in New Zealand for 2 years
Lived in Nicaragua for 1 year

If you would like to “drop-in” to a class during the season, please send an email to see if spots are available. The one-session rate is $50, and you must have your own board and wetsuit.

For questions, email lead instructor Allison

Date & Time:
Wed (5-7 pm): Jun 30 – Aug 18
Sat (8-10 am): Jul 3 – Aug 21

Waverly Beach (OCNJ)

What’s Included:
2 or 3 women instructors
for 8, two-hour sessions (16 hours)

Wednesdays (8 sessions)
$195 per person (priced for 5 sessions)

Surfboard Rental (+$100)
Wetsuit Rental (+$60)